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Shareholder/Business Owner Disputes

Businesses require a broad range of legal expertise in order to serve their best interests. It is important that businesses seek legal advice from attorneys that are experienced in handling commercial law matters and business disputes on many different levels. Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. has been representing businesses and individual owners in shareholder disputes, member and partner disputes, and business litigation for over 60 years.

Our attorneys possess knowledge of both business operations and the internal dynamics of privately held companies that allows us to provide the best advice for preventing and resolving ownership disputes and issues involving family and management-owner participants.

Disputes between owners, buy-outs, disability of a key man, or disassociation of an owner can lead to litigation.  Many times, litigation can be avoided and these often-complex matters can be resolved. Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. focuses on solutions first, but we are always prepared for litigation when necessary to resolve a dispute. Our lawyers take a detail-orientated approach in assisting our clients to analyze the facts, their rights, and the available, practical, and cost-effective solutions. We will work with you to resolve your dispute quickly with an emphasis on minimal impact on the business enterprise.

We can help you with many types of shareholder, member, or partnership disputes, including:

  • Merger and acquisition disputes
  • Shareholder oppression and "squeeze-outs"
  • Breach of fiduciary duty litigation
  • Fraud and deceptive practices
  • Business succession disputes
  • Breakups and business divorces
  • Non-competition and contract disputes
  • Misappropriations and defalcations
  • Family-owned business issues
  • Post-transaction disputes


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