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Labor Law

The Law Offices of Sullivan and Leavitt, P.C. has been representing employers in labor-management matters since the 1950s. Our experience and expertise encompass all phases of labor-management relations, including matters under the National Labor Relations Act, other federal statutes affecting the labor-management relationship, and similar state statutes. Representation often starts with the recognition attempt and continues through all related matters, including hearings before the National Labor Relations Board and appeals to the Federal Courts. We have also been involved in obtaining injunctive relief from organized labor actions violating the National Labor Relations Act or State law. We represent management in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements (CBA), including renewals and modifications, their administration, and disputes arising from the CBA. We represent employers in the grievance process, as well as in arbitration of disputes between the employer and its unit employees. We have been involved with the application of the Michigan Right to Work enactments and ramifications resulting therefrom since their recent inception.



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