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 Pension Plan Withdrawal Liability Representation

Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. is a leading—if not the premier—law firm in Michigan and the Midwest representing businesses that contribute to multiemployer pension plans under the Multiemployer Pension Plan Amendments Act of 1980 (MPPAA). Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. services a multitude of employers in transportation, construction, and trades who face unfunded liabilities under these pension plans. Withdrawal liability can occur when an employer reduces its contribution levels, goes out-of-business, drastically reduces its workforce, or if its employees choose no longer to be represented by a union.

The potential ramifications of withdrawal liability can be catastrophic because employers can face substantial, often unanticipated exposure under these laws. Our firm has been representing businesses faced with issues regarding common control, personal liability, voluntary assumption of withdrawal liability, and potential MPPAA liability of purchasers of assets since the MPPAA's enactment in 1980. These representations include contesting withdrawal liability assessments initially with the Fund and, if necessary, through arbitration and/or the federal court system. Importantly, we work with employers to assess their withdrawal liability exposure and to help develop strategies to minimize future liability.  We work directly with employers, as well as through, or in cooperation with, employers' attorneys and accountants to resolve these matters.

Our firm is available to provide expert assistance regarding these relatively unknown and difficult issues surrounding withdrawal liability. 

UPDATE:  On September 24, 2014, Martin J. Leavitt, Esq., and Paul E. Robinson, Esq., as Principals of Sullivan and Leavitt, P.C., gave a presentation on pension plan withdrawal liability with emphasis on the construction industry to the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) Automobile Dealers, Construction Industry, Controllers, and Insurance Conference.  To view the PowerPoint presentation, click here: [ PowerPoint ].


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